Marshalstown Grout Float 9×4


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Marshalltown Grout Floats

  • Pure gum rubber face is bonded to the dense rubber pad
  • Cemented to an aluminum backing plate with a smooth handle
  • Dense green rubber pad is designed for epoxy grout
  • Available in 9″ x 4″, 12″ x 4″ & 12″ x 3″ sizes
  • 12″ x 3″ offset handle toe-space float
  • Edges are beveled and the two front corners are rounded for ease of spreading
  • Backing plate is recessed to prevent scraping
  • Made in the USA

Grouting Tips

  • Mix grout mortar thoroughly, removing lumps, to the consistency of peanut butter
  • Place a generous amount of grout on your starting point
  • Hold the grout float at a slight angle and push the grout mortar into the tile joints
  • Grout only a small area of floor at a time until you begin to feel comfortable with the process
  • Use a grout float to remove any excess grout from floor
  • Allow up to 15 minutes for the grout to set and then proceed to wipe floor clean

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