Mondrillo FAJ Tile Set 5-6-8-10-12mm


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Tile set from Italian Montolit for use on handheld drilling machine.
The set contains diamond
drills in Ø5 , Ø6 Ø8, Ø10 & Ø12 mm Montolit Mondrillo FAJ tile is suitable for drilling in porcelain, ceramics, granite and marble.

NOTE: Used with min. 1,500 rpm. and without impact function

It is recommended that less drill (below Ø 20 mm) be cooled regularly during work. Cooling is done with M-Performer refrigerant paste or in water.
We also recommend using an angle grinder with adjustable speed as the life of the diamond drill is significantly increased if drilling is approximately 6,000-6,500 rpm.

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