Montolit Tutorcut 115



Straight and perfect cuts, nothing more simple using TUTORCUT, an easy but effective and revolutionary tool. It can be put on every sngle grinder, you only need to put it on its axle and is blocked ,safe and ready to go.

This tool is able to maintain accurate linearity and keep the blade on the same line of the tile, the result is an assisted cut straight and free from chipping.

This handy and easy tool it’s a big help for the worker that now don’t even have to think  about how  deep going  in to the mateial or about keeping the hand stable, he only has to go from point A to B

TUTORCUT also save the life of the blade eliminating any kind of tension, uneven consumption, or rim-breaking due to waving or uncorrect technique

The support of TUTORCUT, completely detached form the grinder rotation, is made of an heavy duty  technical polyammide that doesn’t mark or tinge the surface of even the most fragile tile and it spins on a sealed and dust-proof  ball bearing.

A simple but innovative idea in full Montolit tradition that, with extreme ease able everyone to execute a professional and accurate cut.

TUTORCUT is available for 115mm and 125mm diamond blades, with a maximum thickness cut of 20mm.








Video TutorCut by Montolit – Your personal tutor for perfect cuts:

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